Pokemon Go Location Based By Niantic Inc APK Download (Latest Version)

Pokémon Go is a very exciting game which changes your virtual reality world into a real existing world and gives you an amazing gaming experience. Pokémon tracks your location wherever you are standing and let you enjoy the game of the virtual world while you are standing in a real existing world. When you are walking here and there to explore your nearby surroundings and various other locations in the city, you will find different Pokémon species nearby you. All you have to wear your shoes and get ready to catch the best Pokémon in your real existing world.

Your debut into this imaginary world of Pokémon will give you a virtual reality experience that will help you to change your character according to your desire. You can customize your character by selecting different dresses and designer attire to make him look smart, and let him move along with you on the map.

Enjoy this virtual world of Pokemon where you have to throw the gigantic balls to hit species which you have earned by scoring high. Initially, you have a single ball to hit species. This game is very impressive which comes with an amazing graphics makes the app more interesting. So download the Pokemon app to enjoy the virtual reality world.

This game is free to download which offers various in-game purchases. You need to have a WiFi connection to keep track your location and to enable your GPS connectivity. The app needs a higher version of Android devices hence compatibility issues may arise sometimes.


Pokemon Go APK Download


Minecraft Pocket Edition By Mojang APK Download (Latest Version)

Minecraft app is one amongst the many gaming apps, which hardly differs from the computer version and so find it similar in mobile option also, it seems familiar. It has a unique retro style and that why it is amazing to play with. It has simple and easy going the world or we can say that it is a casual world. In this game what is more important is a process and not its graphics and features. It includes a number of interesting opportunities for the user. In this game, a user has to build his world by his own through the help of various blocks. You have to deal with the elementary details and complicated process within the game. Blocks are the main building blocks to build the universe around you. You can build anything or everything through these building blocks like  roads, bridges, castles , a stadium for golf, palaces etc. This game includes a postscoring with no music but the minor sound effect of all movements and steps are very accurate. You have to play this game with a joystick at the left part of the screen and if you want to watch a review then you have to slide a finger on the screen for that.so as to put a block you have to choose it in the menu, situated at the bottom of the screen and you also has to tap into the place where you want to put the block. It is also very easy to break the blocks and you just need to keep and hold the finger on the block which is needed to be broken.

Key Features:-

  • It is easy to download and install
  • Play games with minor details
  • Construction and destruction of your world will be in your hands
  • Interesting app with great features
  • Feels great while playing.


Download the Minecraft apk to enjoy full featured gaming.


Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download

imo free video calls and chat By imo.im APK Download (Latest Version)

IMO is an entertaining messaging and calling app by which you can send text and can talk with your friends and family members at anytime and anywhere without spending a single penny. You can download this app on the iOS device, Android device or any other device. The IMO is compatible on all the android devices. You can take and can make international calls without paying any charges. All you need to have an internet connection.

You can enjoy free video conferencing and video calling without any errors and disturbance. You can send unlimited messages and can make unlimited calls via the IMO app. You can even share your memories, photos, videos and emotions. You can even use various stickers and smileys to express your feelings. Each and every call and message can be encrypted, so that no one can read your messages.

Share high-quality videos and pictures via Android device or any other smartphone. This is one of the best-rated app which delivers amazing quality. You can go for video meetings and can conduct video conferencing as well. This is a very simple app which does not require any technology to install and run. You need an internet connection like 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to make calls and to send messages.

So now you don’t have to pay money for making international calls and for sending messages as you can go for video calling and audio calling absolutely free using IMO. Download the IMO app to enjoy free calling.


IMO APK Download

Google Play Store By Google Inc. APK Download (Latest Version)

With the Google play store, you can download and install a number of Android apps which is there for sale. You can download the apps officially and with the security. It has games, books, recipes and many other contents related Android apps for your smartphone or tablet having Android operating system. You can say that as Apple has its Apple App store and so Google has this Google play store to download the Android app directly and install the app securely.

Google play store app is not available on Google play store and so you have to download the apk file from internet and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also use Google play store to manage your apps or to update your apps to get the latest versions of the apps with some additional features so as to replace the older version and enjoy the fully loaded latest version of the Android app. This app provides authentication for Google services, the contact that you have synchronized with the app, all the privacy settings, and also to the location-based services.

Key Features:-

  • It is not available at Google play store
  • Download the apk from internet and install it on the smartphone
  • Provides authentication to various Google services
  • It is a store to download and install various Android apps.

Download Google play store to as to download many more favorite or required apps directly and securely from the Google play store.


Google Play Store APK Download

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas by Rockstar Games APK Download (Latest Version)

Grand theft Auto san Andreas is an awesome action and adventurous game. It is basically developed by Rockstar games and easily available on Google play store to download and install the game.

It’s starting the story is like Carl Johnson a protagonist was escaped five years ago from the burdens of life. He was living in hell as he was settled in Los Santos, and the city was moving in the hells direction with the corruption, drug consumption, and Gang Troubles. It is the story of early 90’s and his family was all scattered after the murder of his mother. When he went back to his town he met the corrupt police officers there frame Carl in homicide. Now the player has to save his life and his family’s life from enemies and also has to take control of the streets. The grand theft auto san Andreas is the game app with amazing graphics and sound quality to support the game’s activity and promotional events within the app.

Key features:-

  • It is a free game to download and install from Google play store
  • It has a strong story backup line
  • All the characters are very interesting and well developed in the game’s app
  • The graphics are fantastic within the app
  • App has a new weaponry in the latest edition or update
  • It is addictive, action and adventure game

Download the Grand theft auto san Andreas app to enjoy the company of full featured game which will make you addictive while playing. It is the best app in the action-adventure series of the games.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK Download